Esther Raphael Biography: Age, Net Worth, Video, Husband, Wikipedia, Boyfriend, State of Origin, Parents, Nationality, Career 

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Esther Raphael Biography 

Esther Raphael is popularly known as “The Buba Girl,” is a famous TikTok star, dancer, and social media influencer. 

Through her dancing on her TikTok account, she has become a well-known and engaging TikTok star in the dynamic world of social media.

Profile Summary 

Name:Esther Raphael
Nickname:Buba Girl
Age:22 years old
Place of Birth:Lagos
State of Origin:Lagos State
Net Worth:$150,000
Esther Raphael

Early Life and Education 

Esther Raphael was raised and received her early schooling in Lagos State, which is located in the southwest of Nigeria.

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She completed her primary and secondary studies in Lagos before moving on to an unnamed higher education facility.

Esther Raphael Career 

Esther Raphael, a well-known dancer and social media influencer from Nigeria, has established a spectacular career with her mesmerising dance videos on TikTok. Esther Raphael, who has a natural gift for rhythm and movement, has mesmerised audiences with her captivating dance performances.

She expertly transforms music into flowing motions on the canvas of her TikTok channel, weaving narratives into each choreography. Her flexibility as an artist is demonstrated by the way she synchronises her movements with various musical genres.

Esther has developed a sizable fan base through her artistic endeavours, winning over audiences not just in Nigeria but all across the world.

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Her dance performances exude optimism, frequently encouraging audiences to experience movement’s joy and self-expression. Beyond her amazing dance abilities, Esther has developed a deep relationship with her audience thanks to her openness and approachability, making her more than just a celebrity but a relatable role model.

The influence of Esther Raphael goes beyond the internet. Numerous brands and media sites have acknowledged her influence, which has resulted in partnerships and stories that have further cemented her position as a significant social media influencer.

Esther Raphael has made an enduring impression on the TikTok community and beyond with her combination of talent, commitment, and contagious passion for dancing.

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Social Media Handle 

  • Instagram: @_esther_raphael
  • TikTok: @esther_raphael

Personal Life 

She’s not yet settled down. On August 28, 2023, a video of Esther Raphael that had been leaked appeared on social media and sparked heated discussions. Esther Raphael asserted that her boyfriend was behind the video release, nevertheless.

Esther Raphael

Esther Raphael Net Worth 

Esther Raphael has an estimated net worth of $150,000. Esther Raphael is a well-known Nigerian TikTok star and dancer.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Who is Esther Raphael?

Esther Raphael is a well-known Nigerian TikTok star and dancer.

When was Esther Raphael born?

Her birthday is not revealed on her social media handle.

How old is Esther Raphael?

She is around 22 years old as revealed.

Where is Esther Raphael from?

She is from Lagos State, Nigeria.

What is Esther Raphael net worth?

Esther Raphael has an estimated net worth of $150,000.

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