Garzali Miko Biography: Age, Net Worth, Daughter, State of Origin, Religion, Family, Wife, Children, Son, Songs, Tribe 

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Garzali Miko Biography 

Garzali Miko is a popular Nigerian singer and actor, from the industry of kannywood, he is famous for his outstanding acting/music skills in every of his movies and songs.

Profile Summary 

Name:Garzali Miko
Date of Birth:September 1993
Age:30 years (2023)
State of Origin:Kano State
Net Worth:$1 millions
Garzali Miko

Early Life and Education

Garzali Miko was born in September 1993 and raised in Kano State, where he attended Gyadi Gyadi Special Primary School. 

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He continued on to Horizon Day Secondary School, also in Kano, where he graduated with outstanding grades. After completing his elementary schooling, the actor went on to more advanced colleges and eventually earned a degree in his field of study.

Garzali Miko Career

Garzali Miko began performing while he was just a young child. He went from being a modest movie producer to becoming one of the top performers in the business. In a recent interview, Garzali claimed that becoming an actor has fulfilled a lifelong desire for him.

He entered the Kannywood after appearing in the film “Gamu nan dai,” which helped ali Nuhu and Sanusi Oscar bring him to public attention. He has been in around 20 kannywood films.

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Garzali Miko Songs

  • Soyayyar Ki Ta Kamani
  • Yakamata Ki Gane
  • Ruwam Zuwa
  • Aure
  • So Halita Ne
  • Soyayya Ruman Zuma
  • Mizanin So
  • Soyayya Ce
  • Shagalin Biki
  • Kece and many more.

Personal Life 

Currently, Garzali Miko is wed to his stunning wife Habiba. The wedding took place in Kaduna State on August 20, 2021. Numerous personalities from Kannywood, including Ali Nuhu, Adam A Zango, Ahmed Lawan, Umar M Shareef, and others, were also there.

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Garzali Miko Net worth 

Garzali Miko has an estimated net worth of $1 millions. Garzali Miko is a popular Nigerian singer and actor.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Who is Garzali Miko?

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Garzali Miko is a popular Nigerian singer and actor.

When was Garzali Miko born?

He was born in September 1993. 

How old is Garzali Miko?

He is currently 30 years old as of 2023.

Where was Garzali Miko born?

He was born in Kano State, Nigeria.

Where is Garzali Miko from?

He is from Kano State, Nigeria.

Who is Garzali Miko’s wife?

Garzali Miko is currently married to his beautiful wife Habiba.

What is Garzali Miko net worth?

Garzali Miko has an estimated net worth of $1 millions.

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